Pi+ (PiPlus) HDMI Audio Video Capture Cards - HDMI to USB 2.0 - High Definition 1080p 30fps - Record Directly to Computer for Gaming, Streaming, Teaching, Video Conference or Live Broadcasting

Weight: 30g Grams

Brand: Piplus
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  • ( HDMI VIDEO CAPTURE)  Microware HDMI capture card can record high-quality images on PC. It supports UVC (USB Video Class), you can easily record PC game video by simply connecting between PC and game console. Using our "Video Capture Card", you can easily achieve HDMI pass-through and PC recording, and you can use the built-in functions of existing software to achieve a seamless experience.
  • ( SCREEN SHARING ) Using Microware HDMI video capture can easily achieve HDMI pass-through and PC recording. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. You can use real-time video recording applications such as VLC media player, OBS Studio, XSplit, etc.
  • ( HDR RESOLUTION ) In order to ensure that reliable video and streaming media will not crash and provide a high-quality user experience, the Microware game capture card adopts a USB 2.0 interface, without CPU intervention, and can record at a high quality of 1080p/30fps. Maximum input resolution: 3840x2160 @ 30Hz, maximum output/recording resolution: 1920x1080 @ 30Hz, 1280x720P @ 60Hz.
  • ( WIDE COMPATIBILITY )  Microware HDMI game capture card can be connected and used with most console devices (such as mobile phones, consumer games, consoles, switches and cameras). You can display the video/audio of PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or other home game consoles on your PC and record/live broadcast (live broadcast). Now you can post real-time game videos to video distribution sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • (PLUG AND PLAY ) Compact design, no need to install power supply or drive, and easy to carry. You don't have to prepare a new environment, you can implement it in the current Internet environment. You can use a conversion cable that supports HDMI input to connect to a variety of devices. Through the easy-to-understand operation screen, you can easily record game videos.

Product description

The D’FINE video capture can capture both HDMI video and HDMI audio, sending audio and video signals to computers and smart phones for preview and storage. Suitable for high definition acquisition, teaching recording, medical imaging, etc.


HDMI resolution: Max input can be 3840×2160@30Hz

Video output resolution: Max output can be 1920×1080@30Hz

Video output format: YUV/JPEG

Support video format: 8/10/12bit Deep color

Support audio format: L-PCM

Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable: input up to 15 meters

Support most acquisition software, such as VLC / OBS / Amcap, etc

Support Windows / Android / MacOS

Conform to USB Video and UVC standard

Conform to USB Audio UAC standard

Max working current: 0.4A/5V DC

Dimension (L x W x H): 64x28x13 (mm)

Without external power supply, compact and portable.

Package Include:

1X Audio Video Capture Card

1X English User Manual

Technical Details

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